Strategic Plan

Association for Rural & Small Libraries

Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2019

April 2017 – ARSL Board Retreat St. Louis, MO



As the premier organization representing rural and small libraries, ARSL recognizes the uniqueness of small and rural libraries and is committed to providing an environment that encourages excellence within this community of practice, supporting their goals of service and speaking on behalf of this important constituency.


The Association for Rural & Small Libraries provides resources and support that empower those in small and rural libraries to deliver excellent service for their communities.


Organizational Goals

Goal 1

Expand the reach of ARSL to empower small and rural libraries


    • Increase membership across all categories
    • Broaden the organization’s presence at a state and institutional level
      • ARSL promotion at state association conferences
    • Expand services, programs, and benefits to membership
      • Expand round tables, maintain newsletter
      • Evaluate members needs

Goal 2

Advocate for small and rural libraries on a national level


    • Identify and attain being a “ voice at the table” with strategic partners
    • Become the conduit for advocacy opportunities available to small and rural libraries
    • Establish and build collaborative relationships outside of the library community
      • Rural broadband initiative, NEA, Rural Health Initiative, ICMA

Goal 3

Encourage active participation to promote a stronger community of practice


    • Foster a culture of learning
    • Recruit members  to lead and participate in the organization on multiple levels
    • Recognize and celebrate the success of our members

Board Goals

Goal 1

Transition from a working board to a governing board


    • Organizational & financial analysis to develop plan for transition
    • Evaluate with Administrative Assistant and Management Company which services could be handed to Management Company.

Goal 2

Strengthen the Association’s structure, sustainability and stability


    • Diversify revenue stream
    • Increasing membership across all levels
    • Increasing diversity
    • Develop succession plan
      • Create procedures for each committee


Download in full: Strategic Plan 2017 – 2019