Key State and Provincial Contacts

These ARSL members serve as Key Contacts, making association information available to all in their state. Thank you for your great work! You’ll see there are a few states who still need Key Contacts. If you would like to serve as a Key Contact, please see the volunteer job description for more information.



Alabama – Elaine Henry                                         [email protected]

Alaska – Julie Niederhauser                        [email protected]

Arizona – Joyce Baker                                 [email protected]

Arkansas – Carolyn Ashcraft                        [email protected]

California – Sandra Tauler                                      [email protected]

Colorado –   Kieran Hixon                                        [email protected]

Connecticut –  Claudia Cayne                                          [email protected]

Delaware – Wenona Phillips                             [email protected]

Florida – Sandra Newell                          [email protected]

Georgia – Pam Grigg                                                  [email protected]

Hawaii – Stacey Aldrich                         [email protected]

Idaho – Jane Somerville                                  [email protected]

Illinois – Joan Rhoades                                             [email protected]

Indiana – Sabrina Frederick                         [email protected]

Iowa – Jennie Garner                                     [email protected]

Kansas – Connie Mitchell                                          [email protected]

Kentucky – Pamela Marks                    [email protected]

Louisiana – Charlotte Trosclair                       [email protected]

Maine – BJ Jamieson                                     [email protected]

Maryland – Joyce Wemer                                         [email protected]

Massachusetts – Jennie Wiley                                [email protected]

Michigan – Colleen Leddy                                            [email protected]

Minnesota – Heidi Schutt                                                   [email protected]

Mississippi – Jenniffer Stephenson      [email protected]

Missouri – Debbie Musselman               [email protected]

Montana – Pam Henley                                                     [email protected]

Nebraska – Holli Duggan                                  [email protected]

Nevada – Norma Fowler                                          [email protected]

New Hampshire – Lauren Rettig                     [email protected]

New Jersey – Michele Sticker                                  [email protected]

New Mexico – Elizabeth Rivera                            [email protected]

New York – Hope Decker                                                    [email protected]

North Carolina – Catherine Roche                     [email protected]

North Dakota – Susie Sharp                                 [email protected]

Ohio – Missy Lodge                                                [email protected]

Oklahoma – Rhonda Turley                                 [email protected]

Oregon – Darci Hanning                                      [email protected]

Pennsylvania – Melinda Tanner                                      [email protected]

Rhode Island –  VACANT

South Carolina – Kathy Sheppard              [email protected]

South Dakota – Marilyn Kohles                 [email protected]

Tennessee – Nancy Green                                           [email protected]

Texas – Pattie Mayfield                                       [email protected]

Utah – Jessica Whetman                                               [email protected]

Vermont – Susan O’Connell                             [email protected]

Virginia – Cindy Church                                [email protected]

Washington – Carolyn Petersen                   [email protected]

West Virginia – Karen Goff                                          [email protected]

Wisconsin – Shannon Schultz                        [email protected]

Wyoming – Thomas Ivie                                            [email protected]