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Fundraising for Impact in Libraries, Archives, and Museums by Kit Matthew
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Offer valid March 14, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Book description:

Fundraising for Impact in Libraries, Archives, and Museums provides practical advice that will help LAMs reassess how to leverage their organizational assets in ways that support communities and help to forge productive relationships with foundation, individual, corporate, and government funders.

Drawing on the insights gleaned from interviews with more than 100 international LAM practitioners, the book examines the common fundraising challenges that LAM institutions of all types and sizes face. During today’s dynamic times, when many LAMs are seeking to remain relevant and viable, Matthew emphasizes how vital it is for them to demonstrate and communicate how they benefit their communities. The book presents five frameworks used in community development and philanthropy and illustrates how they can help an institution to assess and communicate its impact, focus its mission-related activities, and effectively deploy proven fundraising strategies. Vignettes from the interviews are presented throughout, along with pointers, to illustrate actionable approaches that the reader can adapt as they seek contributed financial resources. The reader will explore various fundraising scenarios to help secure resources including appeals, special events, moves management, digital media, and corporate philanthropy.

Fundraising for Impact in Libraries, Archives, and Museums is essential reading for library, archive, and museum practitioners and fundraisers working around the world.